Make the most of every minute you sleep with the bed created for uniquely balanced support. Created in partnership with the International Chiropractors Association to promote health and wellness through sleep that renews and restores you.

- Support Sense – Our exclusive zoned continuous wire unit designed to provide a more balanced, stable sleep surface. Approved by the International Chiropractors Association to help keep the spine in the natural position that promotes more restorative sleep. ChiroSense models feature a SupportSense 640 coil, or our patented 720 coil with our 3-zoned sleep surface for customized support.

- Neural Net – Reinforced where your body weight is concentrated, this unique posturization grid on the center third of the sleep system gives you additional support where you need it most.

- SmartEdge – Our edge support system that actually expands the usable sleep surface and provides a solid edge that will not sag.